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Do you lose more than 1% of your heifer calves a year?

Don’t know how old your calves are when they double their birthweight?

Do you often have underweight heifers at mating time?

If so, maybe you need...


Managing to prevent disease is much more cost effective than curing it once it has occurred.


We offer a comprehensive Heifer Management Consulting Package which provides the following services related to rearing and growing of replacement heifers from birth to calving, as well as for bull calves for veal or feeder steer production.

Consulting packages consist of regular scheduled visits during rearing of wet calves, plus a pre-determined number of  farm visits during the year to monitor heifer health and growth from weaning to first calving.  The management package is individually tailored to each farm. It includes an initial consult, the development of farm-specific rearing and growing programmes and regular calf health monitoring and system review consults throughout the consulting period.

  1. Auditing of facilities and management practices
  2. Calf shed design
  3. Provision of Standard Operating Procedures
  4. Training staff, including on-farm training of key personnel in critical areas
  5. Nutritional advice for pre and post weaned calves
  6. Establishment of target weights and heights for age
  7. Setting programmes for routine animal health treatments
  8. Monitoring of heifers to ensure that mating weight is achieved at the optimum time
  9. Monitoring bred heifers to calving, including tracking weights, preparation of pre-calving vaccination schedule, general pre-calving nutritional advice
  10. On call problem solving service
  11. Monitoring of calving pad included in scheduled visits
  12. Tracking heifer/cow retention time in dairy in conjunction with management


The services above are all available to sheep and goat dairies which hand raise lambs or kids as part of the dairy operation.


Pricing packages will be negotiated with interested parties and will take into account time spent on dairy, number of cows, non-contact time, travel time, travel costs and accommodation. Laboratory fees are not included. If required, translator fees are not included in our pricing package.