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Ruminant Nutrition

Steve at work in a goat shed in Malaysia

Dr Steve Sutherland is a Consultant Ruminant Nutritionist with a Ph.D. in Animal Science from the University of Western Australia.


He specialises in nutrition of sheep, goats and cattle, consulting to lamb and beef feedlots, dairy farmers, and most recently to goat producers.

Besides covering most states of Australia, Steve has worked extensively in south east Asia, and understands animal production in any farming environment.

Steve is a very practical nutritionist who can easily translate a diet formulated from textbooks and tables, into the physical ration, mixed and consumed on the farm.

His recommended feeding systems take into account interactions between the farm resources, the farmer, the animals, and feed ingredients, including both farm grown and purchased. Steve recognises the fundamental link between good nutrition, animal welfare and animal productivity.

Steve has transformed cow production on some dairies with his practical, tailored approach to ration formulation.

He can be contacted on  +61 (0)3 5265 1415  or  +61 (0)438 651415  or by email at murghie@westnet.com.au